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At Young Assistance, you can hire a personal assistant, transportation service, or personal shopper in Clearwater, FL. We seek to better the lives of elders and their families by providing personalized services that make life a little easier.

Our goal at Young Assistance is to help you organize your home, and provide you with simple services that make your life easier. We do this through meal preparation, housekeeping services, doing laundry, and organizing your home. In addition, we offer transportation services including transportation to and from medical appointments, outpatient procedures, and home from the hospital. We even have mobile notary services that let you take care of legal matters from your own home.

The services at Young Assistance are especially helpful in elder care, so your family can stay close and maintain independence. We also seek to help families maintain busy lives by providing transportation to and from after school activities for children. Furthermore, you can hire a personal shopper for groceries and gifts, and we will even run your errands! Plus, you and your family can travel with ease with our transportation service to and from the airport, and we will care for your home while you are away.

Explore the services available with Young Assistance by getting in touch with us! Let us help you have a better day.

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