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At Young Assistance, we allow you to have your own personal shopper in Clearwater, FL. We will help you with grocery shopping, gift shopping, and errand running. Our help gives you an extra hand to get all your tasks done, so you can rest easy at the end of the day!

When you come to Young Assistance, you will get a personal grocery shopper. Our assistants will work with you to develop a meal plan, purchase and bring you groceries, and can also assist you with meal preparation. This unique service allows you to plan ahead for you and your family’s meals, and not worry about time or transportation to pick up your groceries! This is especially helpful for elders, and will support an independent lifestyle through excellent care and assistance.

At Young Assistance, we can also provide you with a personal gift shopper. We will help you choose gifts for your friends and family, and will then purchase them and bring them home to you. Our assistance is great for birthday shopping, anniversary gifts, and is perfect to ensure that you get all your holiday shopping done on time!

In addition to grocery and gift shopping, at Young Assistance, we will give you a personal errand runner to help complete all of your daily tasks. We help people maintain their busy schedules, while making sure that all daily duties are completed. This service assists individuals, families, and elders, so you can rest easy knowing nothing has been forgotten.

Hire a personal shopper through us at Young Assistance today. We will make sure you and your family are taken care of, so you can have a better day!

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